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Grita was the daughter of Garland, and the sworn enemy of Khaavren. During the Interregnum, she became a powerful Elder Sorcerer and used the alias Orlaan.

Grita was a crossbreed; half-Tsalmoth (her father), and half-Dzur.

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In Five Hundred Years After, as Grita, she conspired with her father, the former Lord Garland, to create crises in the empire, both by starting planned riots in the Underside, (which succeeded), and later by attempting to get close to Adron (which failed). Garland was killed in a short battle with Khaavren and his friends but Grita, though a witness and an accessory to Garland's actions, was allowed to leave.

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During The Paths of the Dead, as Orlaan, she briefly met Piro and Kytraan (learning who Piro's father was), while she was using Elder Sorcery to locate Aliera e'Kieron's soul and bind it to a staff.

She later hired the highwayman Wadre and his band to help attack Piro and his companions as they escorted Zerika the Fourth to Deathgate Falls. This attack failed, and Orlaan fled.

In The Lord of Castle Black, Orlaan joined with Tsanaali (after killing Wadre and stealing his horse), in order to be introduced to Kâna, and work with him against Khaavren.

She gave over the staff containing Aliera's soul to Habil, who in turn traded it to Loraan in exchange for his necromantic services in allowing a Jenoine partial access to Dragaera.

Finally, in Sethra Lavode, Grita managed to capture Tazendra and hold her in stasis, bringing her to a cavern where the Jenoine presence was able to intrude and provide Grita with far greater sorcerous power than she normally had, which included a full-body shield against physical weapons, for herself and her ally Illista. This action was meant to be a trap to draw Khaavren and Aerich to the cave, where her enhanced power would be able to destroy them easily at no risk to herself.

However, she apparently made the tactical error of awakening Tazendra, and not taking into consideration Khaavren's and Aerich's allies, including Piro and his band, who also found their way to the cave, and Sethra Lavode. While Grita fatally injured Tazendra and Aerich, and murdered Kytraan and several others of Piro's band, Tazendra was able to at least partially fight off the Jenoine before succumbing to her wounds. At the end, Sethra Lavode appeared, along with the Necromancer, and used Iceflame to completely sever the Jenoine's enhancement of Grita's power. Thus Grita's protections abruptly vanished, and Piro, observing this, quickly killed her.



Note: Despite the similarities in their names, there is no evidence that the name Orlaan is linked in any way to either Loraan or Rolaan.