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The Greater Sea of Chaos (aka the Great Sea of Chaos, aka the Great Sea of Amorphia, aka the Greater Sea of Amorphia), is the source of all Sorcerous power used in Dragaera. It is located in the northeastern part of the Dragaeran Empire, and is the larger of two seas of amorphia on the planet where Dragaera is located, the smaller one being the Lesser Sea of Chaos.

The Sea was created during a conflict between the Jenoine and their servants (including Verra) which resulted in the destruction of all the Jenoine then on Dragaera.

The Sea of Chaos was linked to the Imperial Orb upon the Orb's creation, allowing the raw amorphia to be reformed and directed as Dragaeran Sorcery. Advanced forms of Elder Sorcery tap directly into the power of the amorphia of the Great Sea.

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