Lyorn Records

This conspiracy was designed by Garland (calling himself Greycat) with the intention to return himself to the Court and to the role of Tortaalik's chief advisor. All of his actions were intended to create a crisis in the Dragaeran Empire (both financial and civil) which only he could solve.

The key aspects carried out by his small band, included:

  • The assassination of Gyorg, Captain of the Lavodes
  • The assassination of the Brigadier of the Phoenix Guard G'aereth
  • The assassination of an intendant of finance, Smaller, the only person who understood the true state of the Empire's financial situation
  • Creating a huge economic crisis by manipulating and blackmailing certain high-ranking representatives of various Houses, most notably Sennya, the Dzur heir
  • Fomenting discontent and inciting riots among the Teckla of Dragaera City, particularly in the Underside; the riots would then be put down by an army of cutthroats from the mountains who served Greycat
  • Attempting to assassinate Khaavren, who would have denounced him
  • Planning an assassination attempt on Adron e'Kieron
  • Mounting an assassination attempt (using Mario) on Emperor Tortaalik.
  • Planning a deal with the Jhereg to outlaw certain items, including dreamgrass and murchin (thus driving up demand and raising Jhereg profits) in return for House Jhereg paying the vast majority of the Imperial Allowance.
  • Planning a deal with the Dragon to renege on the Treaty of the Pepperfields and go to war with the Eastern Kingdoms


Role of the Cycle[]

The Cycle itself no doubt had a profound influence on the outcome of this plot.

During the reign of a Phoenix emperor, The House of the Tsalmoth finds itself on the very bottom of the cycle, along with the Jhereg.

Seeing as Garland himself was a Tsalmoth, and that this conspiracy relied heavily on the influence of both Jhereg and Orca (also low on the cycle during a Phoenix reign) to succeed, and that they were going up against members of Phoenix (Tortaalik), Dragon (Adron, Aliera), and Tiassa (Khaavren)--all of which were favored by the cycle at this time--it is easy to see that this plot was doomed to failure from the very start.