Lyorn Records

G'aereth, a Dzurlord, was the former Brigadier of the Phoenix Guard. His full title was Count of Gant-Aerethia. He was murdered in the events leading up to Adron's Disaster.


G'aereth was the younger son of a poor Dzur baron from Aerethia, a wine-producing marsh-region in south-west Dragaera.

He came to Dragaera City during the seventeenth Teckla Republic, and joined the Jhegaala army. In this capacity, he aided the Jhegaala in taking control of the Empire from the Teckla, and establishing the rule of Empress Viodonna VI.

During the Jhegaala reign, he served in the Imperial Army under the Warlord Yaro e'Lanya, and distinguished himself during the wars against Elde Island, earning a battlefield commission.

During the wars, G'aereth earned some powerful friends, including Sethra Lavode, who became Warlord midway through the conflict. Thus, he was able to remain in Imperial Service when the Athyra Empress Cherova III came to power, despite the fact that the new Empress dissolved his old Battalion.

Instead of losing his job, G'aereth became head of the new Empress' Personal Guard, which he transformed into an elite fighting unit, which was later called the Featherhats.

Peripherally involved in the Lavode Scandal, G'aereth made more allies during this time, making it even harder for the Empress to dispose of him. It was at this time that G'aereth befriended a young Tortaalik, then Phoenix Heir to the throne. It was through this friendship that G'aereth became captain of the Phoenix Guard as soon as Tortaalik held the Orb.

During the events of The Phoenix Guards, G'aereth protected the members of his Red Boot Company, including Khaavren when the Tiassa was questioned under the Orb.

He was responsible for restructuring the Imperial Guard into essentially two branches, an elite palace guard and a police force.

Late in Tortaalik's reign, G'aereth had all but bowed out of the leadership of the Guard. While he was still technically in charge, he had delegated most of his responsibilities to his Ensign, Khaavren.

This, however, did not prevent him from being targeted for assassination by Garland as a part of his conspiracy to regain favor with the Emperor. G'aereth was poniarded as a part of this plot, only days before the destruction of Dragaera City.