Lyorn Records

Frai e'Terics was a Dragonlord of the Red Boot Company in the earliest days of Tortaalik's reign. Frai was given the task of escorting Khaavren on his first assignment on patrol in Dragaera City.

Frai was a typical guardsman from the early days of Tortaalik's reign, inasmuch as he was perfectly willing to ignore certain laws about the collection of taxes on certain games of chance in return for certain monetary considerations on the part of whomever was running the games.

In addition, Frai was, perhaps unusually, of the opinion that the Imperial Guard, while theoretically open to all citizens of the Empire, ought properly only be open to those of the House of the Dragon. He was rather free about voicing this particular prejudice to Khaavren, who as a Tiassa felt personally disparaged.

This led to a slight disagreement between Frai and Khaavren during their initial patrol together.

The two had words, fought, and Frai ended up the loser... and quite dead.