Lyorn Records

A strategically important bridge across the Eastern River. Its name comes from the optical illusion caused by viewing the bridge from the mountain passes on either side.

The bridge was brought into existence during the Pioneer Wars by Duraj e'Kieron. In a hurry to move her troops to the opposite bank, Duraj caused boulders to be rolled down from Mount Bli'aard and pushed into the river. Once in the water, planks were added in a haphazard manner (twistings, turnings, esses, and half-loops) until the other side was reached. Over the course of the following eras, the bridge was merely reinforced rather than redesigned.

The bridge is fully three times longer than necessary, and so close to the water that in high water periods it is impossible to cross without getting one's feet wet.

The bridge is also famous for the high number of both suicides and duels occurring on it or at nearby Deppa's Fang.