Lyorn Records

Fisher was a low-level Jhereg boss who worked for Toronnan, and was in a similar position within the Organization as Vlad Taltos.

Fisher had formerly been a Tsalmoth before The Interregnum, allied with the former heir, Tavissa. After Tavissa was disgraced and removed from office owing to a smear campaign led by princess Chervik, Fisher left the House and bought a title in the Jhereg.

After an Orca ruffian mugged Bereth and came into possession of about 10 pounds of illegally smuggled hishi, he brought it to Fisher in an attempt to sell it. Fisher, seizing the opportunity instead killed the Orca thief and took the hishi for himself.

Working to further the interests of Tavissa in disgracing Chervik and recovering the title of princess, Fisher attempted to use the hishi as bait to involve her with a plot by a faction of the Left Hand of the Jhereg led by Lady Shireth to sell an extract of the hishi refining process to beings from a different Necromantic Plane.

When his plans drew too much attention, Torronan arranged to have Fisher killed.