Lyorn Records

Fenarr was the founder of the country of Fenario, a heroic figure to Easterners and a historical figure to Dragaerans (for some of whom his life was within living memory).

Fenarr was also known as "Crionofenarr", a Dragaeran name that he apparently adopted while living in the Empire as a servant to a Viscount of the House of the Iorich.

The exact circumstances of his life are shrouded in legend, but it is known that he led an army onto the Pepperfields in an attempt to reclaim them for the Easterners, bearing a Morganti sword. He there encountered Khaavren and his friends, and, fought and defeated Khaavren, holding him at knife point. Khaavren then negotiated with him on behalf of Adron e'Kieron and the Dragaeran Empire. The result was a treaty, guaranteeing the use of the Pepperfields to the East in return for their giving up their claim to Sandyhome, where diamonds had supposedly been found. (See The Phoenix Guards for details.)

Fenarr's horse, Wisdom, who was slain by Khaavren's flashstone before the signing of the treaty, may have been a táltos horse. Khaavren and his friends who were there on that day often swear by "The blood of the Horse".

The Fenarian version of the story is that Fenarr fought an elf named Kav, and that the horse spoke even after being killed.

Bolk had his own memories of Fenarr, but does not explain what these memories are.

After the signing of the treaty, Fenarr returned to the area that is now Fenario and ruled it until his old age. It is said that Verra grants a death-boon to the members of his family; when he approached death, he asked for a means to defend the kingdom. His body was never found, but the next morning the sword Állam was found lying on his bed.