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An Eastern Kingdom which is the ancestral homeland of Vlad Taltos, named after Crinofenarr, who negotiated with Khaavren.

Fenario is renowned for its wines and brandies, as well as very spicy dishes laced with eastern peppers (see Pepperfield).

It is also the setting of the events described in Brokedown Palace.


According to legend, Fenario was founded by Fenarr who, aided by a magical taltos horse, negotiated a peace treaty with the Faerie lord "Kav" (see Khaavren).

During this encounter, he relinquished a "sword of the faerie", a Morganti weapon that legend says was revealed to him by his horse, Wisdom.

Upon Fenarr's return to his homeland, he founded the capital city (also called Fenario) and dwelt in a fortress by the river there until the end of his days.

The Kingdom has since been through prosperous times, but also endured violent invasions of the Northmen, and attacks by the southern marauders.

In the last few decades, it has gone through an upheaval after the death of King Laszlo, the destruction of the Old Palace, and the ascension of Vilmos as King.

Additional Notes[]

Fenario was traditionally protected by the sword Állam, which could be wielded by the King alone, under penalty of death.

It is said that the Princes of Fenario cannot be harmed by any mortal blade.

It is said that the Demon Goddess watches over the kingdom and grants a death boon to each King of Fenario. This is likely no longer the case following the destruction of the Old Palace of Fenario.

Notable Fenarians[]