Lyorn Records

For a long period of its history, the city of Fenario (capital city of the country of the same name) was occupied by a force of invading Northmen.

During this time, secret tunnels were constructed under much of the city, in order to further resistance activities against the invaders.

After the northerners were expelled, these underground tunnels were converted into fermentation and storage areas for various locally-produced liquors. Chief among these is the Fenarian Brandy that constitutes the national drink of the land. Typically distilled from fruit wines such as peaches or apricots, the tunnels underneath the Old Palace of Fenario were brimming with barrels of fine fruit liquors.

Unlike Easterners, most Dragaerans do not distinguish between wine and brandy (distilled wine); they use the word "wine" to refer to both types of drinks, unless they know that Easterners do distinguish between them.  Paarfi's works do use the word "brandy", but italicize it as a term foreign to the tongue in which he writes.

Classier Fenarian brandies include Oregigeret and Barackaranybol.

Miska the Coachman prefers to drink pálinka, traditionally a fruit brandy.

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