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Draegaran etiquette is not enormously intricate, but does have its subtleties, particularly in how customs vary from house to house. The book Issola discusses them a great deal.

Knocking vs. Clapping[]

While it is common amongst Easterners to pound upon the door of a person whom you wish to visit, Draegarans favor the act of clapping outside the door, so one can be heard. Presumably, this is done so as not to disturb any sorcerous wards which may have been placed upon the door. It is also common, in larger and more high-class establishments, to have a "clapper"; a device which when pulled, will produce a clapping noise inside the building, alerting the inhabitants as to your desire to enter.

"Work" at a victims home[]

Jhereg assassins do not, under any circumstances, kill an individual in their own home. At work, in their mistress's home, or in court with the Empress is acceptable, but not at their own home.

Temples and other religious grounds are also off-limits for casual assassinations.

Psychic Contact with the Empress[]

In theory, every citizen of the Empire has the ability to instantly communicate with the sitting Emperor or Empress simply by concentrating on their desire to do so. In practice, this is not frequently done, as the Empress likewise retains the ability to destroy those who pester her uselessly.

To be discussed:

  • Contracting "work"
  • Offering a bribe
  • Hospitality to guests
  • Standing to welcome visitors
  • Tipping
  • Arriving first at a meeting
  • Psychic contact