Lyorn Records

Eremit of Cryden was a young Iorich nobleman living in the far western part of the old Dragaeran Empire, in the barony of Wetrock. He was born sometime around the 145th year of the reign of the Athyra Empress Cherova III. His parents were Nessit and the Baroness of Wetrock, Sudora.

Brief history[]

Eremit grew up in Cryden House, very near to their fellow Iorich neighbors Tiscara and Cerwin, along with their family, including their eldest daughter, Livosha, a close childhood friend who soon grew into a romantic interest for the youthful Eremit. Their parents approved of this development, and made arrangements to pool their families assets (which had recently improved with the discovery of Sealstone deposits nearby) to their mutual benefit.

When Eremit was close to his hundredth year, he was dispatched by his parents on a mission of some urgency to obtain help against a suspected conspiracy against his and his fiancée's family. This led Eremit to take a journey to visit Dorin, the Count of Westward, who also served as the local justicer for the region.

Some time after arriving and gaining audience with Dorin, Eremit mysteriously disappeared. That same day, his family home, Cryden House was mysteriously destroyed in a large explosion. Despite a thorough and years-long investigation into the incident, no suspects were ever discovered as being responsible for the catastrophe, neither was the subsequent fate of young Eremit ever definitively discovered.

There are some who speculate, such as Paarfi of Roundwood in his fanciful romance The Baron of Magister Valley that young Eremit was imprisoned (or, as some prefer to say, jailed) on The Burning Island for some six centuries, only escaping at the onset of The Interregnum when the spells providing security for the island failed.

It is further postulated that Eremit abandoned his childhood name, and began calling himself Dust. With the help of a Demon, it is said that Eremit, or Dust, established himself as a Baron in the House of the Jhereg, and thereafter began styling himself as Daifan.

As little of this later information can be corroborated, and given this individuals' standing in the Jhereg Organization, it is unlikely that the true story will ever be completely known.