Lyorn Records

The leader of the Dragaeran Empire. Determined by lineage, house, and the position of the cycle. The new emperor gains control of the Orb when the cycle turns.

See also Speculation:Emperor.

Adron e'Kieron[]

During the last few minutes of the rule of Tortaalik, Adron e'Kieron seized control of the Orb using Elder Sorcery. At the same time, Tortaalik was assassinated, causing the Orb to seek out the successor to the throne which was, interestingly enough, Adron. This circumstance led directly to Adron's Disaster, but raises the question of whether or not Adron himself might have been—legitimately—Emperor... For a few minutes, at least.

See also Speculation:Adron e'Kieron.

Notable Emperors and Empresses[]

Other Known Emperors[]

  • Tiska (Thirteenth Lyorn Reign)
  • Valenda II Emperor (Fourteenth Lyorn Reign)
  • Hiravi II Empress (Fourteenth Lyorn Reign)