Lyorn Records

Also called "Pre-Empire Sorcery", it is the direct manipulation of raw amorphia, rather than amorphia channeled and controlled by the Orb. This is the only form of sorcery that does not require the use of the necrophia present in trellanstone to contain and channel amorphia.

Due to the incredibly unstable nature of amorphia, this form of Sorcery is extremely hazardous (as evidenced by Adron's Disaster). Use of Elder Sorcery was outlawed upon the creation of the Dragaeran Empire. Books on the subject are contraband, although Morrolan e'Drien has a large collection of such works.

Anyone with the discipline and desire (some would say recklessness) to attempt it can become an Elder Sorcerer of this type. It has been noted, however, that each opening of one's mind to amorphia is "one step closer to madness". Many potential sorcerers are likely destroyed in the initial stages of attempting to gain control of amorphia.

A slightly safer form of Elder Sorcery involves the creation of small bluish purple stones of amorphia from an amorphia source, which are arranged in such a way as to control a flow of amorphia. This practice was discovered by Athyra Wizards late in the Ninth Cycle. This form of Elder Sorcery is really "one step removed" from the direct control of amorphia. It was later also banned by the Lyorn Emperor Cuofor II.

The ability to create amorphia directly is a unique ability that only some individuals are able to exercise, due to their genetic heritage. Only descendants of Kieron's family are known to have this ability (Jhereg, Ch 9). This ability can also be retained by a reincarnated soul (Jhereg, Ch 12).

Unlike most Dragaeran Sorcery, the use of Elder Sorcery is not restricted by the presence of gold Phoenix Stone.

Known Elder Sorcerers[]