Lyorn Records

Easterners are a race which covers a territory to the east of the mountain chain separating them from the Empire. Easterners themselves refer to their race as "humans" but Dragaerans, who live in the Empire, also share the habit. The Eastern lifespan is short compared to that of Dragaerans, ranging between 50 to 60 years on average. Male Easterners begin to show signs of facial and chest hair at some point during their adolescence and sometimes exhibit hair loss at the scalp in later years. They generally don't grow beyond 5.6 feet in height. In the East (another Dragaeran name) a subtle magical science named witchcraft is practiced which uses one's natural energy to affect results upon the world. Also, Easterners possess a unique style of swordplay presenting only the side of the body, which is foreign to the Dragaeran two-handed fighting style.

The languages in the East are more than one and relate, at least, to the political landscape. The Eastern Kingdoms encompass the domain which is under Eastern rule. Each Kingdom is an individual political body, and may occasionally enter conflict with another one. Once the Dragaerans lost their Orb, they were exposed to a lot of ravaging from the East. There does exist some population of the race within the Empire itself. In the capital city of Adrilankha, there is a section to the southwest which is mostly inhabitated by Easterners and Teckla. Easterners may join the Teckla peasant class under a baron in rural sector's of the Empire and become Imperial citizens, but no such specimens have been encountered yet.

One of the Eastern Kingdoms is Fenario (it is now at peace with the Empire in accordance to a treaty signed around five hundred years before).


Easterners were found by the Jenoine on Dragerea, when they came to that world. They are, unlike Serioli, not native to it.

Notable Easterners[]