Lyorn Records

A large mountain range separating the Dragaeran Empire from the East. The mountains inside it include: Ironwall, Bi'laard, Broken Mountain, Mount Drift, Hookjaw Mountain, Whitecrown, Tiren's peak and South Mountain. The northern-most point is near to the Ash Mountains which are close to Deathgate Falls itself.

In the East, it is named the Mountains of Faerie. They call one of them Mount Szaniszló. It holds Lake Fenarr from which flows the River out of Faerie.

It is a complicated and formidable route by which to travel in either direction. In recent years a pass near Pepperfields was destroyed after a section of the surrounding structures collapsed, leaving Grinding Pass to the east among the rare remaining passes.

Despite this, it remains a goal of Sethra the Younger to invade the East through them.