Lyorn Records

The kingdoms and realms to the east, outside of the Dragaeran Empire, are populated by, you guessed it, Easterners.

These are, by and large, prosperous realms in their own way (evidenced by the fact that during the Interregnum a number of the westernmost kingdoms actually invaded portions of Dragaera).

One major difference encountered in the lands of the east is the absence of the Enclouding that prevails in the "Lands of the Faerie" (Dragaera), which enables inhabitants to see the Furnace (Dragaeran Sun) during the day, and the stars at night. (Both of these phenomena are relatively unknown within the Empire.)

Perhaps the most famous of the Eastern Kingdoms is Fenario, which was, not unexpectedly, founded by Fenarr.

Many Dragaerans, especially Sethra the Younger, feel that the Eastern Kingdoms are barbarian states that pose a threat to the Empire, and should be wiped out.