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This page is about the House of the Dzur. For the book, see Dzur (book). For the animal, see Dzur (animal).

The House of the Dzur is closely associated with battle (as is House Dragon). Dzur are known more as lone warriors than military leaders or strategic thinkers. They are naturally combat-oriented and tend toward heroism, recklessness, courage and honor. Members of the house are typically referred to as Dzurlords, and those who have achieved a certain rank are labelled Dzur Heroes. The House of the Dzur is among the rare elite Houses that allows outsiders to become fully fledged Dzur, provided that they defeat, in equal combat, seventeen of the best Dzur fighters chosen by the House.

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House Characteristics[]

  • House colors: unrelieved black [1] [2]
  • Associated concept: heroism and honor
  • Personality traits:
    • combative
    • honorable
    • courageous
    • passionate
    • reckless
      • "Tiassa think walking, Dragons think standing, Lyorns think sitting, Dzur think afterward." ~ Vlad Taltos, in Phoenix.
    • reluctant to fight with the odds on their side: "How many Dzur heroes does it take to sharpen a sword? Four. One to sharpen the sword and three to put up enough of a fight to make it worthwhile." Also; "Are you sure you aren't a Dzur?" "I'd fight you for that, but there aren't enough of you."
    • Intense berserk rage, with enhanced abilities.
    • ambition to be a hero or else die trying
    • very quick tempered
    • extremely quick to take offense
    • considered somewhat simplistic by some other Houses in terms of how they react to things—with violence; as the Dzur say "only blood washes away dishonor." That's not to say that the Dzur don't have the cunning or the intellect to be devious, they just don't care to.
    • determined at whatever they do.
  • Physical traits
    • noble's point
    • dzur hairline
    • very dark hair
    • pointed ears
    • well defined cheekbones
    • long, pointed chin
    • slanted eyes
    • sometimes a hint of purple in their eyes
  • Social status
    • nobility

Notable Dzur[]


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