Lyorn Records

Drien was one of the first members of House Dragon, and a follower of Kieron the Conqueror. Drien either was a male who changed himself to a female, or a female who changed herself to a male, or neither. It is known that Drien had offspring but whether this was as a man or a woman, or whether s/he had them before or after hir transformation is unclear (Issola). However, s/he was either the first Shaman to be a warrior, or the first warrior to be a Shaman.

Paarfi of Roundwood also describes a Lord Drien who lived during the Third Cycle Dragon Reign. Either the Drien mentioned above was extraordinarily long-lived (the Third Cycle would be at a minimum 10,000 years - three Dragaeran lifespans - after the founding of the Dragaeran Empire), or this could be one of Drien's descendants, perhaps before the use of "e" to indicate lineage. At any rate, this Lord Drien founded the village of Nacine in the county of Southmoor as part of a larger construction project, and the e'Drien line inherited these lands.

So far, of the major e'Driens we've encountered, Morrolan is perhaps the most versatile, having proven his skill in a variety of arts; swordsmanship, sorcery, and witchcraft, to name a few. Perhaps like the e'Lanya line's tactical skills, e'Driens tend to broaden their interests, instead of focusing on a sole art.

It is notable that it was the e'Drien line which appears to have favored the construction of floating castles; Morrolan's current home of Castle Black was constructed from the ruins of his ancestral home, which literally fell out of the sky when the Interregnum began.

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Notable e'Driens[]