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This page is about the House of the Dragon. For the book, see Dragon (book). For the animal, see Dragon (animal).

The House of the Dragon is one of the seventeen Great Houses of the Dragaeran Empire, and the one currently next in line for the Orb. Dragons are associated with war; military commanders are usually Dragons, and they form the majority of the Phoenix Guard, since all Dragons are required to perform a stint. High-ranking members of the House of the Dragon are often referred to as Dragonlords.

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House Characteristics[]

  • House colors: black and silver
  • Associated concept: war and conquest
  • Physical appearance:
    • dark hair (with exceptions; members of the e'Kieron line often have blond hair)
    • often angular face
    • high forehead
    • high, thin facial features
    • sharp, prominent chin
    • nobles point
  • Personality traits:
    • warriors by nature; often quick to take offense (although not as quick as a Dzur)
    • eager to duel
    • very honorable
    • extremely determined
    • convinced of their superiority to other houses; arrogant
  • Social status: noble
  • Key to the Paths of the Dead: Book (the Guide)

Notable Dragons[]

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Dragon Lineages[]

Dragons, uniquely among the houses, are not only known by their personal name, but also by lineage names. The descendants of an especially notable Dragon will often identify themselves by the name of their ancestor; the name is formed by placing an e in front of the ancestor's name. Often, Dragonlords wear specific colors, other than black and silver, which indicate their lineage within House Dragon. Each line in the House of the Dragon has its own unique colors, which can sometimes be confused with House colors (as with the e'Nv'aar line, for example). However, all Dragonlords, especially members of the e'Lanya and e'Mondaar line, always ensure that they distinguish themselves by wearing a visible symbol, in the form of a pendant, ring (etc.) somewhere obvious so as not to be confused with Hawk or Jhereg.

  • e'Kieron (see Kieron) - pendants have one green and one blue eye (Yendi ch 10)
  • e'Drien (see Drien) - possibly green and red (In Morrolan's prescient dream in PoTD, a fish had these two eye colors)
  • e'Marish'Chala (see Marish'Chala)
  • e'Lanya (see Lanya) - pendants have two red eyes (Yendi ch 12)
  • e'Terics (see Terics)
  • e'Tenith
  • e'Baritt (see Baritt)
  • e'Mondaar
  • e'N'vaar
  • Sethra Lavode - pendants have two yellow eyes[1]


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