Lyorn Records

The capital of the Dragaeran Empire from the time of Kieron until Adron's Disaster.

The city itself was ancient, founded in antiquity, likely before the formation of the Empire itself, and was the largest city on the continent (if not the world) until its destruction at the beginning of the 18th Cycle.

Dragaera City was the site of the Imperial Palace before the Interregnum. It was located in western-central Dragaera, near the Boiling Mountains, along both the Grand Canal and the Yendi River.

The city itself was not a part of any of the major duchies of the Dragaeran Empire. Visitors to the city were therefore said to be "from the duchies".

A walled city, it was defensible from enemy attack, entrance and egress achieved through a number of prominent gates, including the Gate of the Flags and the Gate of the Dragon.

Like any large city, Dragaera City had a wide range of neighborhoods. Many of these were affluent, containing homes of the aristocracy. However, Dragaera City also had its rougher areas, chief among these was The Underside, an area of slums directly north of the Imperial Palace, which was infested with less than desirable characters, including destitute Teckla, and was a haven for the Jhereg Organization.

Dragaera City (and much of the surrounding countryside, mountains, villages, forests and rivers) was consumed by amorphia in an explosion caused by Adron e'Kieron during an attempted coup against the Phoenix emperor Tortaalik. The site now contains the Lesser Sea of Chaos.

Among the homes destroyed was the House on the Street of Glass Cutters, the abode of Khaavren and his companions during The Phoenix Guards.