Lyorn Records

The Director was the assumed name of the individual who was in charge of the day-to-day operation of The Burning Island during the last 700 years or so before the Interregnum.

At the time of Eremit's arrival on the island, toward the end of the reign of Cherova III, he was already a middle-aged man, of the House of the Iorich. Not physically imposing, he had a round face, similar to that of a Teckla, and, while entirely businesslike, affected a friendly disposition.

The director had previously served as a guard at the jail, for the better part of 900 years, prior to his elevation to Director. By the time of the start of Eremit's incarceration, he had only been director for a little over 100 years. He had been personally appointed to the position by Traanzo the Elder.

With the start of the Interregnum triggered by Adron's Disaster, the Director found himself in the unenviable position; the sorceries protecting the island from discovery stopped working, and, aided by Livosha and Kefaan, many of the prisoners managed to escape from their cells. After learning of the existence of the island jail, citizens from the mainland mounted a rescue mission and came to the aid of those formerly held there.

It is unclear exactly how the Director was able to avoid a grisly fate at the hands of an angry mob, but he eventually did escape back to the mainland, and made his way, eventually, back to Traanzo to report the situation.

Later, the Director, by this time a broken man, was imprisoned by Traanzo to avoid revealing what he knew of the Burning Island to anyone else. He was then used as a pawn by the individual known as Dust in carrying out his scheme of vengeance.

While the ultimate fate of the Director is unknown, he likely spent the rest of his life fleeing from the vengeance of his former inmates, especially a Dragonlord named Kelsama.