Lyorn Records

An Iorich who was the Master of the First Gate during the reign of Tortaalik.

It was Dinb's duty (among others) to discourage the occasional Teckla visitor who desired audience with the Emperor. (This, despite the fact that it was theoretically every citizen's right to speak to the Emperor at any time.) It should be noted that although Dinb was considered 'a cold and emotionless' man, and despite his imposing look and size, he never beat any Teckla. His methods were far more subtle and relied on intimidation and gentle discouragement of the prospective petitioner.

It was while performing this "service" that Dinb allowed Mario into the Imperial Palace during his first assassination attempt on Tortaalik.

On a more personal note, Dinb showed little interest in anything except his two pet fish.

As Dinb was in Dragaera City at the time of Adron's Disaster, he almost certainly perished during the calamity.