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"Demon" has different meanings when used in different contexts. As they are currently understood, those meanings are:

  1. A powerful and dangerous supernatural creature, and potentially malign. This is the sense that appears in Fenarian folktales, and in colloquial usage by those who are unfamiliar with the magical sciences.
  2. Easterners may refer to Dragaerans this way, presumably from the above sense. We see some evidence of this:
    1. In Jhereg, Vlad Taltos states that if Mellar were to travel out East, he would be considered a demon
    2. In The Paths of the Dead, Morrolan is specifically stated to have been considered a "pet demon" by the villagers of Blackchapel. Later in that same book, even Lady Teldra is referred to that way.
  3. When used technically by those Dragaerans who have made a thorough study of sorcery and sorcerous theory, "Demon" refers specifically to an entity that, like a God, has learned how to manifest in at least two locations at once, but which can be summoned, bound, and controlled. By this definition, being controlled is the only characteristic which distinguishes a demon from a god; if it were learned that a God at any time was controlled by someone else, it would thenceforth be known as a demon.

A demon can sometimes be more powerful than a god: The Necromancer can do certain things faster and better than Verra could.

Demons encountered thus far[]

This is the demon that stole Blackwand from Morrolan e'Drien and fought him with it; this is only mentioned by Vlad Taltos as having previously occurred.
  • S'Rik'ki'ka This demon is summoned by Eremit, then styling himself as Dust, and performs three services for him.
  • Discaru, the demon/household sorcerer employed by Zhayin at Precipice Manor
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