Lyorn Records

Alternate spelling: Deathsgate Falls, in some of the earlier books.

The mighty waterfall at one end of the Greymist Valley in the far north of Dragaera. It is the entry point into the Paths of the Dead.

This is the terminus (at least in the living world) of the Blood River. It is wreathed in the grey mist at the top, and the bottom is thick with the bones of the corpses that have gone over it.

Dragaerans who die but who have sufficient relations to carry their corpse are "sent to Deathgate"; that is, they are physically sent over Deathgate Falls. This is a process, which usually takes the following course: their corpse is prepared for the journey by morticians; dismembered parts will be sewn back on, and the entire body is embalmed, with various preserving oils and lotions to slow down decay being applied. Then the corpse will be conveyed by friends and/or family who travel to the far northeast of the Empire, across the Forever Plains, to Greymist Valley between Hanging Mountain and Gyffer's Peak. When Blood River (which flows through the Greymist Valley) is reached, the statue which is appropriate to the person's House is located, and at this statue incense is lit and a small offering of something appropriate to the individual is made as well. Finally, the corpse, wrapped in a blanket, is placed into the river (Dragons prefer to place the corpse in a small boat first), perhaps along with some personal artifacts, and all is taken away by the current and over Deathgate Falls. At the bottom of Deathgate Falls begins the Paths of the Dead, which the souls of those who pass over must navigate as a sort of maze of trials. Those souls that successfully reach the end of the Paths will arrive at the Halls of Judgment, where the Lords of Judgment wait to evaluate them and decide their ultimate fate.

The height of the actual Falls has been reported by those undead who have returned from the Paths, but this height is not a fixed, constant number; the different reports have been of heights anywhere between fifty feet and a thousand feet. This isn't too unreasonable, since the top and bottom are in different planes of existence. Note that neither Zerika, Vladimir Taltos nor Morrolan e'Drien were able to estimate the height from the bottom, since the top was hidden by the mist of the waterfall itself. Zerika, having fallen, had no other way to measure, and Vlad and Morrolan did not have the presence of mind to mark or knot their rope and count the marks as they went down.