Lyorn Records

Daro is the wife of Khaavren and mother of Piro, a Tiassa, and Countess of Whitecrest. She has a sister, Norissa, who is the sister-in-law of Malypon. Her given name is derived from the disused language of her House, in which it means "Bright Blooming".

Born in Adrilankha, Daro was trained to eventually take over the management of Whitecrest County. As part of this training, she was sent to Dragaera City in the years before Adron's Disaster to learn the ways of court. She served as a lady in waiting to Tortaalik's consort Noima. Khaavren overheard Daro berating Noima for unjust treatment of Aliera, and was drawn to her romantically despite his misidentification of the countess as a Lyorn. Daro is also apparently skilled with a blade, having dispatched several Dragonlords who were near Khaavren's injured body during the events of Five Hundred Years After. She also led a countercharge against the warriors of Elde Island in the Battle of Adrilankha, as described in Sethra Lavode. Daro was instrumental in uncovering a Jhereg plot to locate and kill Vlad Taltos by deceiving the empire into believing a False Jenoine Invasion of Dragaera was imminent during the events of the Whitecrest section of the book Tiassa.

Daro prefers to dress in the colors of the Lyorn House, for no other reason than that she pretends that these colors suit her. However, this has led some to mistake her House. Even Khaavren, who married her after the events of Five Hundred Years After, thought she was a Lyorn when he had seen her at court. When her brave actions were noted during the Battle of Adrilankha, the colors of her clothing caused those who recorded those actions to refer to her as a Lyorn. Vlad Taltos, who has probably never met her, has also mistaken her for a Lyorn, as did one of the Phoenix Guards from whom she learned of Cawti's place of residence in the "Whitecrest" segment of Tiassa.


"Your dispute is not with me, but with Fairness and Justice, two entities who know no rank."