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Crithnak was a sorceress and extremely powerful psychic, a member of the Left Hand of the Jhereg. She was part of a group under the leadership of Caola with interests in the affairs of the Right Hand of the Jhereg.

Crithnak's sister was the first sorceress to attempt to kill Vladimir Taltos after he began investigating the Left Hand group's interests. Her soul was consumed in her attempt.

Crithnak was enraged, and began a personal vendetta against him, which only ended a short while after she attempted to locate Loiosh psychically, who deflected her with help from Godslayer. She made a second attempt on Vladimir once he put away his Black Phoenix Stone, and was nearly succesful if not for a supreme effort on the part of Daymar, who said he had never encountered such a competent opponent before. Alerted of her intentions, Vladimir asked Mario Greymist to eliminate her, which he did, while she was emerging from a teleport.

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