Lyorn Records

The Dragaeran Empire's judicial system is an area most highly represented by the House of the Iorich, and most especially undermined by the House of the Jhereg.

Dragaeran Empire[]


Arrest is the detainment of citizens or noncitizens within the Dragaeran Empire under the authority of the Empire and whatever appropriate bodies. Although most commonly used for the purposes of crime prevention and investigation, there is no requirement that arrests have reasonable grounds; it is known that some powers, like the Emperor, may order arrests for arbitrary reasons. In addition it is also unclear if arrested citizens have any rights; if they do, they are not announced to the arrested upon arrest.


The Phoenix Guards -- and most likely other government bodies such as the Special Tasks Group, Division Six, the Imperial Surveillance Corps, and Third Floor Relic -- have the power of arrest and follow orders given in writing or person by an appropriate imperial authority, such as the current emperor. While the exact requirements to procure a writ for arrest are unknown, it appears certain individuals like the emperor can order an arrest of any individual without judicial review.

While the specifics vary on the situation and social standing of the arrested, the general arrest protocol is for the arrester to declare the subject is arrested under the relevant empowered authority and request that the arrested surrender his sword to him. The arrested will then be required to hand over his sword or closest equivalent. If the arrested is not carrying a weapon, they may fetch one to hand over. Resisting arrest is grounds for violence. If the detained citizen is of sufficient social standing, they may be given time to pack a small valise of clothing to wear in prison. Lower class individuals such as Teckla, Jhereg, and easterners may not have such a comfortable arrest process.


Imperial dungeons[]

In Adrilankha, the imperial dungeons are located in the Iorich Wing. They are well guarded by a special Iorich guard. The quality of the cells and services rendered is directly proportional to the social status of the prisoner. Aliera has a large room with carpet, couch, chandelier, window, wine and fruit, and two adjoining rooms (one probably being a privy). While Vlad was in "Jhereg storage," he received a much smaller cell, without windows. Teckla and easterners get piled together in very small cells.

The dungeons are dotted with black phoenix stone to prevent psionic communication, and gold phoenix stone to prevent sorcery.


The private dungeons of various local nobility depend on the noble's wealth and temperament.


The main palace on Greenaere has a small dungeon which Vlad shared with Aibynn after a failed escape. Vlad was given some formless prison robe and bland food for the duration of his stay. Natural phoenix stone prevented sorcery and psionic communication.