Lyorn Records

The king of Greenaere. Ascended to the throne upon the death of his father, Haro Olithorvold, who was murdered by Vlad Taltos.

This caused Corcor'n to declare war on the Empire, after forming an alliance with Elde Island.

Corcor'n later tried to get Vlad to reveal who had hired him to perform the assassination. In return, he promised Vlad his life and freedom, as well as an end to the war. Despite the fact that Vlad never truly revealed the name to him, Corcor'n believed he had, when Vlad delivered Boralinoi to him.

After this, Corcor'n attempted to kill Vlad anyway, revealing his true nature as a double-dealer.

Despite this betrayal, Corcor'n appears to have lived up to the peace that he and Vlad negotiated with the Empire.