Lyorn Records

Various colors are perceived differently in the Dragaeran Empire than in other places.

See also Speculation:Color.

Here are some of the colors, and their connotations, as observed by Dragaerans.


The color of sorcery. Black actually indicates magical ability of many varieties, and has nothing to do with death (see grey). Black is used commonly as one the House Colors for a number of Dragaeran Houses, notably the Dragon, Dzur, and Jhereg. This seems to indicate the use of sorcery by a segment of the members of each of these houses.


Represents purity of character. (Which is good, since white has another meaning on Dragaera.) It is used this way by the house of Phoenix, and likely plays a role in the Lyorn color of "Golden Brown", since Lyorn believe in purity of character (to the extent that Aerich (the prototypical Lyorn) will not consume food (In SL) that might have been purchased with stolen funds.)

When combined with brown, this might be taken to mean "Pure by nature" or perhaps "The purity of the natural order".


This represents growth and fertility.

Used by both the Teckla and Orca as one of their House Colors


This is color of death. The Greymist Valley leads to Deathgate Falls. Mario used a grey mist to kill Tortaalik. Mario himself, a man who embodies death, uses the name "Greymist". Grey is used by house Jhereg, presumably to indicate their use of assassination.

Derivation is possibly from the grey color of pus, which Savn's mentor refers to as the "grey of death" when they drain it from an infected wound.

Tevna the pyrologist also wore grey (and was mistaken by Khaavren for a Jhereg at first). However, he presumably wore this color because part of his vocation (the disposal of plague victims) was associated with death, not because he was a cause of death.

The Orb turns grey for mourning when the Emperor has died.


White is the color of illness. White is used by the Athyra as a House color, but it is unclear exactly what this means. Verra's Halls are entirely white, but probably not to symbolize illness. The color may indicate sickness in either a physical form (disease, injury) or mental (psychological or pathological behavior).

For example, white used by the house of Dzur may indicate their propensity to go Berserk in combat.

Colors of the Orb[]

The Imperial Orb changes hue to match the mood of the Emperor, or to reflect the truthfulness of a speaker who is being interrogated under it. Some of these colors may have a broader meaning outside of the context of the Orb itself, but it is unclear which colors (if, indeed, any) this applies to.


When questioned under the Orb, Red is the sign that the speaker is telling the truth.


When yellow, the Orb indicates impartiality.


A green Orb indicates serenity, or interest or curiosity.


A blue Orb seems to indicate anger.