Lyorn Records

Cherova III was Empress of the 17th Athyra reign, and ruled the Dragaeran Empire for some hundreds of years. She received the Orb after the Jhegaala Empress Viodonna VI.

Some notable events that occurred during Cherova's reign include the Lavode Scandal, which ended with Sethra Lavode being banished from Court; another scandal involving one of her advisors, the Lyorn Duke of Arylle, which ended with the suicide of the duke and the transfer of his lands to one Shaltre; the Revolt of the Livery, some forty years before the end of her reign, which was the last time there were police in Dragaera City prior to the rule of Tortaalik (and also caused the practice of having a lackey to go out of fashion); and, near the very end of her reign (and transitioning into the next reign), the Carriage House Uprising.

Her reign ended when an artistic dispute arose involving the Dragonlords Kathana e'Marish'Chala and the Marquis of Pepperfield. This confrontation ended with the death of the Marquis, without the formalities of an Imperial Duel, resulting in a political crisis involving, among other factors, which line of Dragonlords would be privileged to be granted the Marquisate of Pepperfield. This crisis, in conjunction with the Carriage House Uprising, Cherova was unable to resolve.

Her inability to handle the crisis was seen as a sign that the Cycle had changed, and Cherova ceded the Orb to Tortaalik and the House of Phoenix.

Cherova's ultimate fate is unknown. Though she presumably survived for many years during the reign of Tortaalik, she was not involved with the restoration of the Empire after the Interregnum, and may have died during Adron's Disaster.