Lyorn Records

The trouble in the Duchy of Fautonswell towards the end of Cherova III's reign, which was settled at the onset of Tortaalik's reign, was known as the Carriage House Uprising, although what a carriage house had to do with it is not mentioned.

Kliburr, the rebellious Duke of Fautonswell, was apparently at the heart of the trouble. Kliburr and the rebellion were defeated by Twinoaks at the Battle of Fautonswell.

Tazendra learned of these details from Uttrik, who served in a cavalry unit commanded by Lady Duraal during the campaign.

Tortaalik's reign, which was later to end in one of the greatest catastrophes in history, Adron's Disaster, started auspiciously enough, benefiting greatly from the successful suppression of the Carriage House Uprising.