Lyorn Records

A leader in the Left Hand of the Jhereg.

Caola is the sorceress in charge of a group that was attempting to gain control of the Jhereg activities in South Adrilankha after the Jhereg boss in the area lost authority over her businesses while trying to subdue them. Her group's activities were centered in a private house in the Six Corners district on Number Eleven Strangers Road, which was formerly owned by an old woman called Coletti who died a year before. Their project also aimed to position Terion in the Right Hand Council because of his connection with Triesco.

Once they learned of Vladimir Taltos's interference into their affairs, a sorceress was sent by the group to dispose of him. Their animosity towards him increased upon discovering that he had destroyed her soul instead. When the sorceress' sister, Crithnak, reacted to Vladimir's move as a personal vendetta Vladimir found the heat intolerable and arranged for her to be killed by Mario.

Eventually Vladimir established a meeting with Caola to negotiate directly with her inside the groups workplace. Vladimir's proposition detailed the group abandoning all projects in South Adrilankha until the end of the coming Dragon Reign and accepting The Demon's position as Council leader without interference in exchange for the lives and souls of all the gathered sorceresses. The additional presence of a Dzurlord with another Great Weapon into the situation was enough to convince her to back down in front of her people, prefering to deliver Vladimir's death in the future.