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Burz is a small town of several hundred residents located in western Fenario.

The town is home to a large papermill that employs about half of the town's residents. The remaining residents are mostly either farmers, or merchants. The town has a strong Merchants' Guild that oversees virtually every type of business in town, apart from the Mill itself, which is owned and run directly by the local lord, Count Saekeresh.

The presence of the mill gives the town a very foul smell, which many of the residents attempt to mask by keeping their windows closed during the day, and the use of incense. The name of the town is commented on as being directly related to the smell, which is almost certainly a variant of a Fenarian word meaning "stink".

The town is ruled by an uneasy alliance between the Guild, the Count, and the local Coven, who all vie for control of local politics.

This conflict came to a bloody climax upon the arrival of Vlad Taltos, who briefly became entangled in this power struggle, to the ultimate detriment of all parties.

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