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Brigitta was a young woman, of seventeen years, living in the city of Fenario, outside the Palace.


She came to the attention of Viktor, Captain of the Guard, who introduced her to King László, to serve as his mistress, which she accepted because it was a vast improvement over her previous situation.

Despite this role, she got along tolerably well with Mariska, who became László's fiancée.

After running into Miklós when he returned for the first time, she followed the River to find and warn him that he was being searched for. After finding him, she had a rather confused conversation with Bölk

She was the first person to look at the Tree as it grew in Miklós's room who thought it in any way beautiful. Unfortunately, she said this out loud in the hearing of the King, and when she contrasted the tree's life to the Palace's decay, he became outraged. She managed to avoid provoking him further, but he angrily told her to stay out of his sight.

Miklós fell in love with her, as she did, eventually, with him.

During the conflict with the Demon Goddess, Brigitta actually claimed to have been the one who felled the Goddess's icon, but was not believed. She also tried to protect Miklós from the Goddess's attack, but was rendered unconscious herself.

After the death of the Goddess, Brigitta finally helped convince Miklós to defend the Tree, and then helped to convince Vilmos and Andor to join them.

After they had won and the Palace was renewed, Bölk announced that Brigitta was pregnant with Miklós's child. Brigitta wept, and explained to Miklós that she had become too dependant on the Power of Faerie, that she was not fully human, and told him that she had to leave Fenario and return to Faerie.

Devera tells Miklós that Brigitta will arrive in Faerie, but implies that Brigitta will not live very long after this. However, she also tells him that Brigitta's daughter (Cawti) will be alright, and hints that she'll be dangerous.

Additional Notes[]

We do not know what Brigitta meant when she spoke of not being elf (Dragaeran) or human (Easterner); her father may have been a god, a demon, or some other possibility not yet revealed.

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