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As opposed to the books about Dragaera, written by Steven Brust, the books of Dragaera are the titles and authors referenced by characters, or in Paarfi of Roundwood's case, by Dragaeran authors themselves.

Many Dragaeran authors have achieved sufficient fame to be instantly familiar to most Dragaerans, such as Wint or Paarfi. It is unclear if any Dragaeran authors truly earn their living by writing. Many authors are likely aristocrats, writing because they wish to, not to make a living.

Others, like Paarfi, may be primarily academics, who write books as a sideline to scholarly works. It is assumed that the vast majority of Teckla (and thus the vast majority of Dragaerans) are illiterate, making the market for readers of casual fiction (such as Paarfi's romances) somewhat limited.

Authors in Dragaera typically write in one or more of the five great categories:

  • Magical & Natural Science
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Books Written to be Performed
  • Books Written to be Read
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Notable works in Dragaera[]

  • On the Number of the Parts of the Body
  • Knitting of Bones
  • The Sorcerer's Art and the Healing of the Self
  • The Remembered Tales of Calduh
  • Book of the Seven Wizards
  • The Book of the Phoenix
  • Tales of the Landlocked Harbor
  • Overview of the Architecture of the Old Imperial Palace
  • Imperial Wing of the Old Palace
  • History of Doors and Windows
  • Three Broken Strings
  • The Clothes Unmake the Emperor
  • A Brief Consideration of Adverb Placement in Colloquial Tongue
  • Redwreath and Goldstar Have Traveled to Deathgate
  • A Mighty Thundering of Wisdom, Not One Word of Which Can Be Gainsaid: An Examination of the Failings, Ethical, Moral, Literary, Historical, Grammatical, Intellectual and Otherwise of the Work and Person of Paarfi of Roundwood, Formerly of this University — a Perfunctory Summary (in six volumes)
  • Six Parts Water

Notable Authors of Dragaera[]