Lyorn Records

One of the most venerable standard works on sorcery in Dragaera. While much of the information in this volume is couched in nearly incomprehensible allegory, most sorcerers and physickers usually have a copy.

Sethra Lavode has a copy, but finds it annoyingly obscure. The Teckla physicker Master Wag has a copy, but he never consults it, although his apprentice Savn has perused it, particularly the section titled On the Nature of Secrets, and entirely failed to understand it. Vlad Taltos has at least read the section on souls, citing it as a reference that says that the Plane of Waiting Souls pulls on the souls of Easterners exactly the same as it does on the souls of Dragaerans (although the pull is not quite as great for Easterners, for obscure reasons). Paarfi of Roundwood has presumably read enough of it to be able to cite a paragraph when he depicts Sethra Lavode reading it.

Paarfi also suggests that Tukko has implied that he was the author of this book, but as with so much else close to Sethra, the truth is shrouded in mystery.

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