Lyorn Records

The following are the currently available books retelling periods of Dragaeran and Fenarian history.

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The Life and Times of Count Szurke, Vladimir Taltos[]

The adventures of Vlad, an Easterner and member of House Jhereg, as translated by Steven Brust. In order of publication, these are:



Purportedly, the complete series will consist of nineteen books: one named for Vlad himself (Taltos); one for each of the seventeen Great Houses; and lastly a final volume whose working title is The Last Contract.

Steven Brust has said that Tsalmoth is scheduled for April 2023 and he is working on Lyorn. The remaining volumes should therefore be:

  • Chreotha
  • The Last Contract

The Khaavren Romances[]

The Khaavren Romances are narrated by Paarfi of Roundwood, House of Hawk. They follow the adventures of a member of the Phoenix Guard, Khaavren of Castlerock, and some of his friends as they observe and participate in events that shaped the Empire, centuries before Vlad was born. They are:

Although Tiassa takes place during Vlad’s time and concerns him, it is also much concerned with the principal characters of the earlier Khaavren Romances. Its third portion, “Special Tasks”, is narrated by the inimitable Paarfi in the same style as his other Khaavren Romances.

The Baron of Magister Valley[]

The Baron of Magister Valley is a retelling of events relating to an Iorich, and is also translated by Steven Brust.

The Legend of Brokedown Palace[]

Brokedown Palace is a retelling of events that occurred in Fenario (one of the Eastern Kingdom), and is also translated by Steven Brust.