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A small village in the East on the banks of Lake Nivaper, where Morrolan e'Drien lived for many years during the Interregnum.

Blackchapel was apparently a free township, not a part of any of the Eastern Kingdoms.

Morrolan first met Arra there and, with her assistance, dedicated himself to the goddess Verra. Together, Morrolan and Arra gathered a large coven of witches that lived in the temple in Blackchapel.

The villagers of Blackchapel came to see Morrolan and Arra as protectors of their town, until barbarian worshipers of the god Tri'nagore attacked the village and drove the witches out.

Many years later, Morrolan returned briefly to Blackchapel and visited his retribution on the barbarian villages that had attacked his people years before.

Inhabitants of Blackchapel[]

  • Erik
  • Arra (former)
  • Morrolan (former)
  • Cecilia
  • Claude
  • Esteban
  • Kevin
  • Lara
  • Marya
  • Pietro
  • Ricardo
  • Tomas