Lyorn Records

Lord Berwick was an Orca, who, during the 17th Athyra reign, became jealous of his neighbors Nessit and Sudora, the rulers of the Barony of Wetrock, as well as Cerwin, Baroness of Tebek, and her husband Tiscara, who had recently discovered large sealstone deposits on their lands.

Berwick therefore conspired with Lord Dorin, the Count of Westward (which contained the Barony of Wetrock) to steal their lands and kill their rightful owners, as well as their entire households.

Employing a band of mercenaries led by Fidra on the home of Livosha's parents, and in cooperation with the efforts of his son Yanis who led a sorcerous attack on Cryden House at the same instant, he was successful in accomplishing his immediate goals, and aided by a forger named Sajen, assume complete control of the barony, which he then endeavored to have raised to a County.

While the son of Nessit and Cerwin, Eremit survived the attack, Dorin arranged to have the youth jailed on The Burning Island for six hundred years, without trial. Also surviving the attack, Livosha and her brother Kefaan, however, evaded capture by the treacherous Grystalan and went into hiding in order to plot their revenge.

While Berwick eventually succeeded in having Wetrock raised to a County, his success was not to last. Due to The Interregnum, the Burning Island prison failed, and all the prisoners escaped, including Eremit. Eventually, in cooperation with Livosha and Kefaan, as well as a friendly Demon, Eremit, now styling himself as Daifan was able to wrest control of his titles estates back from Berwick, leaving him penniless. In the process, Livosha killed Berwick's son, Yanis, leaving him a broken man.