Lyorn Records

Berigner was a Dragonlord and a general under Sethra Lavode. Paarfi does not mention anything about Berigner's early career, or how this worthy rose to his high rank.

During the Battle of Adrilankha, Sethra placed Berigner in command of the reserves, consisting of several divisions of the Imperial Army. The reserves were initially stationed within the city, prepared to reinforce the divisions guarding Hartre Pike Road and the Old West Road.

However, when the naval force from Elde Island unexpectedly landed in the harbor, Berigner and the reserves were dispatched to defend the bridges. This task was performed with alacrity, but Berigner himself was wounded and taken out of the battle by a javelin, prodigously hurled nearly the length of the Iron Bridge, which embedded itself in Berigner's chest.

The general was taken to the hospital tent. It is not known if he survived the battle. If Berigner managed to live until the Orb's powers were restored, and given the healing powers of sorcery at that time, his chances to survive would have been good.