Lyorn Records

Bereth was a Tsalmoth who had experience as a perfume manufacturer. He had a brother named Matiess.

Seeing a business opportunity in smuggling hishi from the coast near Elde Island, Bereth took out a loan from Vlad Taltos in the amount of one thousand Imperials, with the understanding that he would pay 100 Imperials per week until the principal was fully repayed.

Bereth evidently used this money to purchase a property in Adrilankha in The Hook, which he outfitted with the equipment needed to process the 10 pounds or so of hishi that he had acquired into perfume base; which could then be resold at a massive profit.

Unfortunately, before he could begin processing the hishi, Bereth made the mistake of carrying the hishi around with him on his person. As a result, he was mugged by an Orca thug on the street. The mugger killed Bereth, and made off with the hishi which he eventually sold to Fisher as a part of a larger scheme.

At the time of his death, Bereth had only repaid 200 Imperials worth of the original loan (plus 4 payments worth of the interest), which incentivated Vlad to investigate the murder in any attempt to recover the money he felt he was due.