Lyorn Records

A town in eastern-central Dragaera near to a simple ford (shallow river crossing) with a name that grew each time the locals were replaced by speakers of different languages. The theory is that the new residents would take the previous name for the ford and then add "ford" to it.

The name can be broken down as follows:

Original Word Language Meaning
ben ben Serioli ford
glo gázló Easterner (Fenarian) ford
ara ara Dragon ford
furd ford Northwestern ford

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In more modern times, Bengloarafurd came to be the name of the town itself, and "Bengloarafurd Ford" was the nearby river crossing.

After the Interregnum, and the construction of the Bengloarafurd Bridge, the town was renamed Troe, after the engineer who built it.


"What followed was ten years of almost constant war between the Dragonlords of the Empire and the Easterners, during which the Easterners occupied the area and fought from the surrounding mountains. The Serioli, who departed the area to avoid any of the unfortunate incidents that war can produce, left only their name for the place, which was "Ben," meaning "ford" in their language. The Easterners called the place "Ben Ford," or, in the Eastern tongue, "Ben gazlo."
"After ten years of fierce battle, the Imperial Army won a great victory on the spot, driving the Easterners well back into the mountains. The Dragonlords who had found the place, then, began calling it "Bengazlo Ford." The Dragons, wishing to waste as little time on speech as possible, shortened this to Benglo Ford, or in the tongue of the Dragon, which was still in use at the time, "Benglo ara." Eventually, over the course of the millenia, the tongue of the Dragon fell out of use, and the Northwestern language gained preeminence, which rendered the location Bengloara Ford, which was eventually shortened to Bengloarafurd. The river crossing became the Bengloarafurd Ford, which name it held until after the Interregnum when the river was dredged and the Bengloarafurd Bridge was built. Should anyone be interested in finding this delightful city, it still stands, but the city was renamed Troe after the engineer who built the bridge, either because the citizens were proud of their new landmark, or because the engineer's name was short."