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A member of House Iorich. His true name was never disclosed (possibly to avoid embarrassing his family), but he was called Belly for his paunch (caused by a sedentary life and eating "Like an Easterner").

He was born a hundred and forty-three years before Adron's Disaster, and at one hundred twenty, was apprenticed to his uncle, an Advocate.

He fell in love with one of his uncle's clients, the Tsalmoth Iatha, who had been accused of theft, and helped her to escape. The two of them became bandits, and eventually joined Wadre's Band (at some point during this period, Iatha's & Belly's ardor cooled to friendship).

Due to Grita's pact with Wadre, during the events of The Paths of the Dead, Belly was part of those bandits that attacked Zerika the Fourth and her companions above Deathgate Falls. Belly was also one of several bandits re-organized by Grita who were later to attack Piro, Tazendra, and several others. This later attempt was foiled by Zerika's return from the Paths of the Dead with the Orb.

He was one of the first to swear loyalty to the new Empress, though he later felt that life in the post-Interregnum Empire was not going to be to his liking. After leaving Adrilankha, he joined up with Piro and continued his life of banditry as a member of The Blue Fox and Company.

Among this group, Röaana expressed a certain interest in him.

Belly was killed by Grita during the events surrounding the Battle of Adrilankha, and was later given to Deathgate Falls.