Lyorn Records

Cousin of Phoenix Emperor Tortaalik I, Bellor served as Intendant of Finance during the time period prior to Adron's Disaster. When her chief assistant, Smaller, was murdered by Greycat's conspirators, Bellor was rendered helpless to account for the state of the Imperial Treasury.

Faced with a request for funds from the Institute of Discretion, Tortaalik summoned Bellor to inquire. When she was unable to give satisfactory answers, Tortaalik's ire was raised and he ordered Khaavren to arrest his cousin.

From Khaavren's viewpoint, Bellor appeared to be neither skilled nor intelligent. Her costume was outrageously loud and ostentatious; her office space was slovenly, disorganized, and little-used for its intended purpose; and (perhaps most disdain-provoking to a professional soldier) her sword was a bejeweled and purely ceremonial weapon, little more than a flashy toy.

Bellor reacted to her arrest with some dignity, but she also believed that it was a result of a plot directed at her; a dubious proposition given her lack of competence and her status as a mere figurehead.