Lyorn Records

There have been nine (or ten) Battles of Dzur Mountain, but the most important one to the novels so far has been Kâna's attack on Morrolan e'Drien's forces during the course of The Lord of Castle Black. This battle is sometimes also referred to as the Battle of Castle Black, and most often by Paarfi as the "Ninth (or Tenth) Battle of Dzur Mountain".

The battle began with Morrolan's forces defending both Zerika (and the Orb) and Dzur Mountain itself.

Morrolan had had a short time to dig in and prepare a defense, (though he preferred to attack), but he was being attacked by Kâna's vastly greater army. Kâna had every reason to believe this would be a simple battle to win, and yet his forces were repelled twice -- once by The Necromancer, who reanimated Kâna's battle losses against him, and a second time by The Warlock who used his witchcraft to summon local wolves and dzur to harass Kâna's flanks.

A final push by Kâna's forces was finally frustrated with the levitation of Castle Black by Tazendra which was then sustained in midair by Arra's circle. Morrolan's outnumbered, but now unassailable, army then retreated (by means of teleportation) to nearby Dzur Mountain.