Lyorn Records

As detailed in Sethra Lavode, the final attempt by Kâna and his cohorts to seize the Dragaeran Empire and the Orb. It consisted of several major phases.

The Military Attack on Adrilankha[]

Kâna successfully smuggled his army of around twenty thousand Dragon troops into the city of Harte along the south coast, then marched them overland, east towards Adrilankha.

There he engaged troops commanded by Sethra Lavode, who were prevented from being able to defend themselves with Sorcery, Necromancy and Witchcraft, due to the other phases of the plot.

The Alliance with Tri'nagore[]

Kâna made a secret alliance with one of the Lords of Judgment, a god named Tri'nagore who had followers in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Tri'nagore arranged to prevent the Warlock from being able to use witchcraft in the defense of the city, as well as interfering with The Necromancer's ability to open a Necromantic Gate.

This plan was defeated when Morrolan journeyed to the East and confronted the manifestation of Tri'nagore. With the help of Arra and his Circle of Witches, Morrolan was able to slay Tri'nagore, using Blackwand, ending his ability to manifest on Dragaera, and thusly, his influence on the events that followed.

The Portal to the Jenoine[]

With the aid of the Athyra wizard Loraan, a partial portal was opened to one of the Jenoine, whose influence prevented the Orb from being able to function. This prevented the defenders of Adrilankha from being able to use Sorcery.

This part of the plot was foiled after Morrolan slew Tri'nagore, and The Necromancer was able to open a Necromantic Gate to convey herself and Sethra Lavode to the place where the Jenoine had partially manifested.

Between the two of them, Sethra and the Necromancer where then able to close the portal, restoring their ability to use sorcery.

The Attack on the Orb[]

A small group of Dragon warriors led by Tsanaali snuck into Adrilankha in the months and weeks before the military assault, hiding among the populace until the battle was joined.

At this time, they took different routes across the city to Whitecrest Manor, and attacked the guards stationed there, before attempting to attack Zerika the Fourth and seize the Orb.

This part of the plan was foiled when Khaavren and Pel killed or wounded the attackers (including Pel's dispatching of Tsanaali, which ended the engagement).

The Final Results[]

The attack on the city fell apart shortly after the defenders regained their ability to use Sorcery, with the Sorceress in Green causing massive casualties in Kâna's forces.

The attackers then either fled the field or surrendered.

Later, Kâna and his cousin Habil were tracked down and arrested by Khaavren. The two found their way to the Executioner's Star shortly afterwards.