Lyorn Records

A Dragonlord, of unknown original lineage. He was so famous and successful that his descendants began calling themselves "e'Baritt".

Baritt was originally one the of those involved in the Yendi Conspiracy. He helped bolster the accusation against Norathar e'Lanya, and was actively involved in the faked genescan before the Dragon Council, along with the Sorceress in Green (disguised as an Athyra) and a duped Lyorn witness.

However, Baritt balked at assassinating Aliera e'Kieron (and Morrolan e'Drien), after Aliera was instated as the Dragon Heir. As a result of this breaking with the other conspirators, the Sorceress in Green had Baritt assassinated by Laris. The aftermath of these events was described in Yendi

While he was alive, Baritt was the owner of Pathfinder, although it is not known whether it was fully "awake" while in his charge. Presumably, Baritt knew something of the truth about Pathfinder and used it to achieve many of his astonishing accomplishments. He collected many Morganti weapons, and Pathfinder was disguised as a weak Morganti greatsword, undistinguished in that collection. Dragon tells of the war that broke out between Morrolan and Fornia when the latter stole the disguised Pathfinder shortly after Baritt's death.

As an indication of how strangely time works in the Paths of the Dead, Vlad Taltos and Morrolan encountered Baritt in the Paths during the events of Taltos, prior to his actual death. Baritt was rather curt with Morrolan, and sorcerously assaulted Vlad.

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