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Amorphia, also called raw Chaos, is the component energy of all matter, and the source of all Dragaeran Sorcery.

In appearance, amorphia is a formless, colorless substance, yet it also contains all forms and all colors. Seen from afar, it may have a superficial resemblance to water, which leads to collections of it being called 'rivers' or 'seas', hence, the Greater Sea of Chaos, and the Lesser Sea of Chaos.

Amorphia is inherently unstable, and will seek to consume and transform all surrounding matter into amorphia unless contained through Elder Sorcery. This transformation takes a finite amount of time, giving those in the area time to flee, or halt the process if they have the ability. Additionally, small amounts of contained amorphia may either spontaneously transform, or deliberately be transformed, into a safe and stable form, which appears to be a small, blue-purple stone.

While Elder Sorcerers can use pre-existing amorphia, the e'Kieron line of the House of the Dragon have an additional ability: they can, through an effort of will, create amorphia. This ability is shared by Vlad Taltos, apparently because his soul is the reincarnation of the brother of Kieron.

Amorphia also responds to the control of necrophia, an element that is present in trellanstone, the material which comprises the Imperial Orb, which maintains the Greater Sea of Chaos, and incidentally allows anyone with a link to the Orb to use sorcery. It may be inferred that it is also the Orb that keeps the Seas of Chaos from expanding indefinitely and consuming the planet, although it is unknown what prevented them from doing so before the Orb was created.

As far as it is known, amorphia should exist only on Dragaera. However, the Jenoine are interested in acquiring control of amorphia to further their own ends, and have managed to tap the Lesser Sea of Chaos, transporting part of it to another world.

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