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A drummer from Greenaere. He assisted Vlad Taltos in escaping from Greenaere, and currently resides in the Dragaeran Empire. His personality is rather focused on drumming and drumming alone.

Aibynn is skilled in all three schools of drumming practiced on Greenaere ("hard-ground" or festival, "crashing-surf" or ritual, and "deep-water" or spiritual), but likes "surfy" drumming best.

He appears to have a certain psychic ability. When drumming, he was able to see into the minds of Vlad Taltos and Aliera e'Kieron and perceive that they were both thinking about Verra and Verra's Halls. He was then able to open up some sort of connection to Verra's Halls and bring all of them through it to that locale.

However, he was unable to articulate what he did, saying simply that "they were both thinking about it [Verra's Halls]", and "Sometimes, when you drum, you ... You reach places."

He is also a master of creating drums and will turn almost anything into a percussion instrument. An example of this is when Aibynn and Vlad were being held as prisoners, and Aibynn tuned the bars on the window.

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